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Accountants that make construction simple.


Want to take your construction business to the next level?

Coleman Financial Group's accountants and business advisers know building and construction. We have years of experience servicing countless clients in the construction industry. With that experience comes an understanding of the industry, the pains that business owners feel, the threats facing the industry and strategies that can be implemented to solve these issues.  

We offer a wide array of different services for individuals managing a construction business. We can assist you with all your business taxation compliance while keeping in mind how this will affect you as a construction business owner.

Our business advisory services are tailored to each individual business, we can help your construction business by fixing gaps in your financial management. So whether you are taking on residential construction projects or basic building projects Coleman Financial Group can help.


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Construction accounting services


Keeping construction in mind

Not only do we know construction, but we also know taxes. We combine this knowledge to ensure we are completing your sole traders or companies tax returns to not only maximise your tax returns but also in a light that will assist with home warranty insurance and getting finance from banks. We also strive to make all tax and compliance easy to understand.


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Home Warranty Insurance

With our construction accounting service, we can assist with all aspects of Home Warranty Insurance (HWI). The warranty insurance is required for all building projects over $20,000 and protects builders from defective work or incomplete work. Our services involve handling all aspects of HWI. Our accountants know the construction industry and know that builders need speedy approval, especially during peak periods for their home warranty insurance claims. For all residential building work, you need to set up home-building compensation. This protects builders when a project has failed due to non-completion and allows the homeowner to fix defects. Our services also include tax optimisation to ensure maintaining HWI is easy and stress free.


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We know the construction industry

Are you worried about inflation, rising material, labour costs and fixed contract price and how that can affect your construction company? Now it is more vital than ever to have construction accountants assisting you. Our construction accountants know the trade industries and can help with compliance around the sophisticated laws and regulations surrounding construction. We can assist with understanding the law surrounding hiring a contractor or contractors. We can manage your payroll for contractors making hiring a seamless process. We can also help with setting up the best business structure so you can get the construction projects you want. 


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The Coleman Financial Group difference

Are you sick of waiting for accountants to turn around your work, or even a total non-completion of your compliance work? We know how frustrating this can be when managing a business, that's why for all our services we aim to turn around your work quickly so you can focus on your building project. We can do this by always allowing enough time for jobs and never taking on more work then we can commit to, allowing us to service clients at a premium level. As a builder, you don't want to have to worry about if your home warranty insurance will be approved or not, or stress about a fixed contract. Coleman Financial Group's services are preventative and proactive giving you the edge you need to complete your building contract stress-free. So if you're a builder who wants to focus on what you do best, building, contact us today!


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