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At Coleman Financial Group our team is full of experienced accountants that keep clients' goals in mind when completing their accounts and tax returns. That's why Darcy has become a mortgage broker under the guidance of Beacon Lending.

Through this partnership, it has allowed Coleman Financial Group to help our clients in all aspects of finance, from completing the documents required for finance to helping clients get the most suitable home loan for their situation.

Our team of accountants will keep in mind finance when completing your year-end tax return. We will explain the benefits and implications of claiming certain deductions and help you strike the right balance between tax minimisation and having suitable financial statements for finance.

We put clients first not banks

Your mortgage broker won't be directly affiliated with any bank and will always have your best interests in mind. We will ensure you get the right lender for you depending on your personal circumstances.

We have access to many lenders and will strive to go to the best financial institution to get you the best interest rate for your loan. We can help you get the borrowing amount you need to ensure you get your dream home on your home loan journey.

At Coleman Financial Group, clients always come first, which means finding the right lender and securing the best interest rates for their needs. Unlike other lenders, we prioritise the financial well-being of our clients over banks.

We understand that the interest rate plays a crucial role in the affordability of a home loan, and we will search and compare interest rates from different lenders to ensure our clients get the most favourable terms for their personal loan. By exploring various options and presenting clients with a range of choices, we empower individuals to make informed decisions that align with their financial goals.

This client-centric approach sets us apart, as we are committed to delivering unbiased advice and personalised service that puts the client's best interests at the forefront.


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Fast turn around

We strive to complete taxation and accounting work quickly as we know how important it is for clients. We often complete financial documents for banks on the same day to help businesses and individuals get loans quickly.

Having your accountant and mortgage broker in one place can also make turning around a loan quicker as there is no back and forth and miscommunication.

We understand the stress and confusion when it comes to acquiring a home or car loan of a finance broker. You may already have multiple loans, you may want to refinance due to your current interest rate, we know every situation is unique.

We can make the process easier which in turn will make it quicker as we offer loan advice and a full spectrum of accounting services.


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We help you get the home loan you need

Are you looking for a mortgage broker? Coleman Financial Group mortgage brokers are dedicated to helping you secure the home loans you need with our expertise. We have extensive knowledge of the banking system and can navigate through the complexities of the loan process such as lenders mortgage insurance on your behalf to ensure the loan settles.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance or want a fixed rate loan product your mortgage broker will provide a comprehensive range of options and can help you find the right home loan, ensuring you find the one that best suits your unique financial situation. We work closely with lenders and know how to make your home loan application stress-free and easy to deal with. 

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we streamline the application and approval process, providing you with peace of mind and a seamless experience creating the best mortgage broker experience.


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Do you need asset finance for your business?

Darcy, our finance broker has a background in business accounting. This brings a unique advantage when it comes to helping businesses secure asset finance. With a deep understanding of business accounting principles, Darcy can effectively curate financial statements, balance sheets, and cash flow projections to assess a company's financial health and determine its eligibility for asset finance. His expertise allows him to identify the most suitable lenders and financing options tailored to the specific needs of the business. Darcy's knowledge of business accounting enables him to guide clients through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation and financial information is prepared accurately and professionally for lenders. By leveraging his expertise in both mortgage brokering and business accounting, Darcy maximises the chances of businesses successfully obtaining asset finance or investment loans, helping them acquire essential equipment, machinery, or vehicles to fuel growth and success.

Meet Your Mortgage Broker

Darcy is our Senior Accountant and under the guidance of Beacon Lending has become a mortgage broker. Darcy will be your first point of contact and will be able to assist you with your queries about finance and understand your situation to help you get the best loan for your situation.

In his accounting role, he is responsible for undertaking the preparation, review and analysis of financial statements and taxation requirements. This includes bookkeeping, and tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies. He also specialises in Self-Managed Super Fund administration.

This goes hand in hand with being a finance broker as he can help prepare the necessary documents needed to get finance, which can make the whole process of getting central coast home loans easier and quicker.

Darcy Coleman Mortgage Broker
I recently purchased a car and decided to use the finance broking services provided by Darcy I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the level of service they offered.From the beginning, they took the time to understand my financial situation and needs. The finance broker, Darcy, was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and patient with all my queries. They guided me through the entire process, making it smooth and hassle-free.What really stood out was their ability to find the best financing options tailored to my requirements. I got a fantastic interest rate and loan terms that fit perfectly into my budget.The communication throughout the process was excellent, with timely updates and prompt responses to my emails and calls. It gave me peace of mind knowing that I was in capable hands.Thanks to Darcy, I am now the proud owner of my dream car, and I couldn't be happier with the overall experience.If you're in the market for a car and need financing, I highly recommend Darcy. Their expertise and personalized service are second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to use their services again in the future.
Ryan Barto

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